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Breast Cancer Prevention

Can breast cancer actually be prevented? Conventional medical wisdom, focused on family history as the major risk factor, says that it can’t. But research studies tell a different story.

Studies of Japanese women who immigrate to the United States show that their incidence of breast cancer significantly increases as compared to their female relatives who remain in Japan. After a period of time, their risk rises to that of American women. What could be causing the increase? There is no genetic difference.

Cancer rates in general are well known to vary according to geographical location. People who move to locations where the cancer rate is high develop the same incidence of the disease as the local population. In the face of this information, the medical community’s insistence that cancer is primarily a genetic disease doesn’t make sense.

Developing cancer is very much a “seed and the soil” process, with cancer-causing substances from the environment being the seed, and your body being the soil. Plastics, pesticides, and many other chemicals introduced into the environment act like estrogen in the human body and have been linked to increased breast cancer incidence. Avoiding these toxins is the best course of action, but with thousands of new ones being introduced into the environment each year, it’s impossible to avoid them entirely.

This brings us to the importance of taking care of the “soil.” Just as everyone exposed to a virus doesn’t get a cold, not everyone exposed to a cancer-causing substance develops cancer. The state of your general health and the strength of your immune system are your strongest defenses against cancer. A healthy immune system protects you against those substances in the environment that you either cannot avoid, or don’t know you are being exposed to.

Getting enough exercise, watching what you eat, decreasing stress, nurturing your relationships, and dealing effectively with your emotions will all serve to strengthen your immune system, and have all been proven to increase survival in breast cancer patients. These also have the pleasant “side effects” of enhancing your overall experience of life.

They can also help prevent breast cancer. Women who get enough exercise, for instance, can decrease their breast cancer risk by up to 50%. Post-menopausal women who maintain an ideal body weight decrease their risk by over 60%. Simply maintaining healthy relationships decreases your risk of chronic disease. And there is so much more…

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