There may be as much confusion about vitamin supplements as there is about food. This begins with the term “antioxidant,” which is no more specific than the terms “carbohydrate” or “sugar.” Simply labeling a substance as an antioxidant doesn’t really tell you what it is.

There are basically two types of nutritional supplements. One type is based on the whole food; the other type is fragmented. Whole food based supplements usually consist of fruits and vegetables which have been dehydrated to a powder form. They aren’t the whole food, of course, but they’re a pretty reasonable facsimile. The magic of the whole food, which lies in the synergy of all its parts, is largely preserved. Technically speaking, they aren’t even supplements. They are whole food concentrates.

There is no official government recommendation either for or against taking nutritional supplements for the purpose of disease prevention. This is because the research on the subject is inconclusive. Considering that very few studies specify what kinds of supplements are being taken, the results should be expected to be inconclusive.

tomatoesIn most studies, supplement usage is specified only as the patients taking “multivitamins” or “antioxidants,” which could mean almost anything. But the difference between a whole food concentrate and a fragmented vitamin supplement can be as large as the difference between a potato and a potato chip, or between a grape and a purple jellybean.

If you are going to take a nutritional supplement, my recommendation is to take a broad spectrum, whole food concentrate made up of powdered fruits and vegetables. There are many such nutritional products on the market, most of them good ones. The one my family and I take, and the one I feel most comfortable recommending, is Juice Plus+®. It’s a blend of 17 different fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

The reason I feel comfortable recommending it, is because of the research studies showing decreased DNA fragmentation and enhanced immunity in people taking Juice Plus+® for a short period of time. These are two very important parameters in the cancer discussion.

No one claims that this or any nutritional supplement can treat or prevent cancer. But these type supplements can, along with a healthy diet, help strengthen your body’s defenses, making it as inhospitable to disease as possible.

For more information on Juice Plus+® please visit or contact your local Juice Plus+® representative.



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